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My name is Muzi Gumede from Esikhaleni Township, formally known as Esikhawini, which is at Empangeni KZN.


Like any young boy growing up in the township, I started using alcohol and smoking.  I was introduced to Marijuana, which I used with Mandrax.  As I liked going out to night clubs and parties, I ended up falling in love with Ecstasy and later was introduced to Heroin. I started stealing from my family, their valuable and especially their money to satisfy my cravings.


Due to my drug addiction, my family business was liquidated.  I was introduced to Alcohol 7 Drug help Centre – SANCA Zululand by my sisters and SANCA referred me to a rehabilitation centre. 


I am proud to say I have been clean for 7 years, thanks to SANCA.


Currently i am doing programmes with SANCA and other stakeholders.  I am also doing drug awareness campaigns in my community.


One of my main achievements since stopping drugs was to run the comrades marathon 3 times. 


Thank you SANCA Zululand!!!!!!!!


- Muzi  Gumede

SANCA Horizon has been a home away from home for me this past 28 days.  The warmth and comfort was beautiful.  Hospitality is what they live for and caring is their specialty.  SANCA Horizon is the best. I consider myself privileged to have benefitted mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually by SANCA’s well appointed programme.  I commend  absolutely everyone who has facilitated in my start of recovery.  The professionalism by all staff and specifically a few individuals in my treatment, who empathetically cared, has indeed restored my belief. 


My belief in the possibility of a secure and complete recovery.  Aside from applauding all these benefactors and their duties par excellence, I thank the committee and management for the added weeks treatment . 


Despite all my known and unforeseen challenges that lay ahead, I am very secure in staying clean with the platform this clinic has given me.  In certainty I will be leaving as a whole person with the newly learnt skills, tools and abilities in actual living.  I remain indebted to Horizon. 


I believe this Clinic has a programme that should be noted as a programme of precedence at National level.  I am greatly appreciative. 

- D.F



June 23, 2019


KICK your HABIT campaign- 24 to 30 June 2019

The purpose of the ‘KICK your HABIT’ campaign is to raise awareness of the complexities related to addiction and
dependence. The campaign seeks to build awareness through experience; by challenging individuals within our
communities and country to stop using one ‘thing’ for a week starting from 24th of June to 20th of June 2019 and experience, albeit briefly, what a substance dependent might go through in treatment. With experience comes education and this is the ultimate aim of the campaign.


Whether this ‘thing’ is caffeine, tobacco, chocolate, or even shopping, is entirely up to the individual’s
discretion; however, it is important to consider your choice and select the habit that you can identify using on
regular basis.

Keeping a daily log, or even an on-line blog of your progress is encouraged, as this will create awareness for the
difficulties faced by dependents on a daily basis. Whether this daily log is posted online, or is private is your
decision, as long as you engage with the challenge. Join the KYH Facebook page on SANCA National and give up a habit for 7 days. There are some tips for you tht will help you through each day. 

We are looking forward to hear from you.

SANCA is asking all South Africans to join the challenge and to challenge each other during the week.


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