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Peer Educators are students representing a rich diversity of cultural backgrounds and life experiences. Peer Educators have a genuine commitment to learning and self-growth, and to providing a meaningful service to the community. Peer education is an informal style of educating where the peer and not the outside professional is used to bring about change.


Peer education utilises participatory and communication based learning methods. It is cost effective and culturally appropriate.


SANCA offers a Peer Educator Programme that can assist you to achieve the power of role modeling.


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Drugs threaten our nation's youth. Efforts to fight drug abuse must occur in the schools since they provide a major influence in transmitting values, standards, and information to children.


Teachers exert a significant influence on students' attitudes, knowledge, and opinions. They can complement a school's drug abuse program by incorporating drug abuse prevention strategies.


SANCA offers Substance Abuse Prevention and Awareness Programmes & Substance Abuse Diversion Programme for Learners at risk and / or in Conflict of the Law).


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The primary duty of a supervisor or manager is to maintain and improve the quality and quantity of work and to take corrective action to address any situation that may have a negative impact on work standards and productivity.


The supervisor or manager also has a duty to act constructively in terms of both the employment contact and the psychological contract that the Company has with its employees as well as to comply with all relevant policies and legislation.  In dealing with alcohol and drug abuse, this implies the recognition that the employee and the organisation have an equal responsibility towards each other for the achievement of their mutual goals and for the correction of any situation that hampers the achievement of goals.


SANCA offers:

Substance Abuse Preventions and Awareness Programmes & 

Self-Development Programmes


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Community prevention programmes can be challenging. Programmes may offer the chance to change current methods to better address community problems.


SANCA offers Community Prevention and Awareness programmes.


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