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Why Is International Overdose Awareness Day So Important To Us?

A reminder of overdose victims

On International Overdose Awareness Day, all overdose victims are commemorated. These are individuals from our daily lives, such as your acquaintance, your family, or that anonymous child you passed at the bus stop. Humanizing the victims, as opposed to transforming them into villains, is crucial, as it is only through this process that we will begin to empathize with them and, as a result, become better people.

It serves as a reminder of cherished ones

It should go without saying that a person's actions will have an effect on their family and peers. Not only will they experience the repercussions in the form of social stigma, but they will also experience the loss of a loved one. During these times, it is essential to express affection and support for one's loved ones in any manner possible.

It is a reminder of the value of existence

There are moments of happiness, sorrow, and everything in between in life. Each is a worthwhile experience because we will gain a daily understanding of the larger picture through them. Moreover, helping bring people back to life will be another rewarding experience.

By focusing efforts on addiction prevention, the problem of overdose is avoided. However, if you or a loved one is engaging in substance misuse, please reach out for help.

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