Celebrate your recovery this Festive Season

#SupportRecovery Support addicts in recovery this Festive Season. This is the most difficult time of the year for a recovering addict. The party vibe is a trigger for serious cravings. The family can help in the following ways:

1) Remove all alcohol beverages at home;

2) Don't use alcohol in food or puddings;

3) Warn the person if it does contain alcohol. Even the taste and smell of alcohol can lead to a relapse as it works on the memory linked to our senses;

4) Make sure before accepting an invitation that it willl be a safe drug-free environment for the recovering addict;

5) Prepare the recovering addict before the time if alcohol will be available in unavoidable situations and give them a choice to stay home with a reliable friend or family member;

6) Set boundaries with the recovering addict and mutually agree on what the rules will be one both sides;

7) Know the recovering addicts triggers such as money, places, using friends, places where they used before, dangerous people and then reduce the risks. An example is giving the recovering addict large sums of money or expensive gifts that they can pawn;

8) Encourage open honest communication about their feelings, thoughts and cravings. It doesn't mean they will relapse if they talk about it. This is want they are taught in rehab that they share these fears so that the logic part of the brain will override the irrational part of the brain linked to relapse.

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