Celebrate Your Recovery this Festive Season, not your Addiction

The triggers for a relapse is unique to each person and it is important for you and your family to know what to look out for and how to prepare action plans to deal with these challenges during this "Silly Season". The office parties and social events are at it's peak over the Festive Season. The opposite is also true that boredom, loneliness and sadness could also make this a difficult time to get through. Here are some tips for you to survive these Holidays. Your survival kit will include having your motto to stay clean and sober in your wallet or hand bag and stuck up on your fridge on your mirror at home. Remind yourself everyday why you are staying clean and sober. A motto is a powerful one sentence that will remind and inspire you. An example: I love myself enough to stay clean; I want a better life for me and my kids; I don't want to be a slave to my addiction, but chose freedom. Make sure that you have solid support systems such as a partner, a friend, a parent, a sponsor to phoen at any time when you are in a tight spot. Make sure you have an escape route when you go to these functions and have your own transport, a fully charged phone with enough air time and someone that knows you are in recovery and support your new lifestyle. Celebrate your recovery clean and sober without the guilt and shame after a relapse. Remember to play the movie out to the end when you want to use. What will be the risks and consequences for you? What do you stand to loose? It is a mental battle with your thoughts and emotions, so control what you feel and what you think and take charge of your recovery. Embrace change and be proud of yourself.

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