Farewell to our National Leader

Let’s hope that there are no grammatical errors in this new blog, however if there are any such mistakes I will count on my fixer- grammatical fixer that is, Louina le Roux.

SANCA National has bid farewell to its National Director Louina le Roux. It was a close and best kept secret farewell affair just and befitting as the leader and lady of the moment is.

Louina has a rich and interesting career filled with stories, lessons and experiences that has shaped her and her leadership and personality. She is a social worker with special interest in community development and prevention services.

Ms le Roux is also highly experienced in the social crime prevention field where she has worked in a maximum security prison in Gauteng as a director responsible for rehabilitation and training offenders.

Louina le Roux started serving the SANCA National body on the 1st of April 2014 until now in March 2018. Louina came at a perfect time for the organisation when she was appointed to take over Ms Cathy Vos after the entire organisation was restructured and was in need of a good old organisational revival.

Ms le Roux has brought a lot of changes to the structures and process of SANCA which were at the time and still are important to the development of the organisation. She has engaged all SANCA centres in strategic activities ensuring that all of the centres adhere to the SANCA National standard.

During her time and leadership Louisa has made sure that all SANCA National systems are compliant to all policies governing the country and the organisation.

Louina has showed principles of great leadership, participatory and emancipatory democracy where she has engaged various people in the organisation’s strategies, decisions and direction, and has also changed previous organisational structures to allow participation and growth while facing challenges in communities.

Louina is a passionate, dedicated and resourceful, interactive leader and has well represented SANCA both nationally and internationally. During her tenure as SANCA National’s director she has ensured that she connects and strengthens working relationships with various local and international organisations and affiliates such the National Coalition for Social Services, the Department of Social Development and other community based organisations. Her connections with affiliates were strengthened through all the national structures making sure that each knows their roles and responsibilities.

Thankfully, SANCA National is represented in national and international forums through her energetic commitment. Not only is Louisa committed and has worked hard to transform SANCA as an organisation, she is quite young at heart and keeping up with modern advances. She has ensured that SANCA National meets the latest technologies and social media developments.

One of a few things that Louina will be remembered for in the SANCA National office is her strict nature and taking no excuses for missing set deadlines or timelines.

Beyond her sterling professionalism and strict personality, Louina is a warm and caring individual. She never took anything for granted and would not mind often go visit all the centres and checking their well-being. One important thing to take note of about her is that she pays great attention to details especially in all typed documents.

Louina le Roux’s competency and leadership skills have left a great legacy for the SANCA National office and its affiliates. Without a doubt Louina le Roux took SANCA from good to greatness. Whoever will fill her shoes must carry on and build on her contribution, professionalism, greatness as a leader and legacy as she would want.

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