Last Session: Shinning the spotlight on Tsholofelo Moche

We as people are shaped by our environment and experiences, we then in turn use our experiences to shape our future. Many experiences have shaped one of our SANCA staff members in our SANCA Soweto branch offices, Tsholofelo Moche.

We take a close look into the experiences Tsholofelo Moche had throughout her life and how they have played a part in her development.

Tsholofelo Moche has been in SANCA Soweto's spotlight since 2014 and now moves into another stage and spotlight in her life.

Personal and professional experiences have shaped a bright future filled with growth for Tsholofelo as she is leaving the SANCA organisation.

Tsholofelo Moche known simply as Tsholo by both staff members and our clients at SANCA Soweto was born in April 1991 in Bloemfontein in a township called Phahameng.

Tsholofelo describes her childhood environment in Bloemfontein as a very nice environment with enough resources especially to raise a child, her being born and bred in such an environment has made her realise and thankful for such circumstances and environment that have shaped her into being the person and professional that she is.

With her background and knowledge of the socio-economic challenges that affect many South Africans especially the youth have led to some extent want to motivate and assist people to grow and change their circumstances. As health and well-being practitioners one must always be sensitive to our clients’ backgrounds and conditions.

She attended primary and high school in Bloemfontein where she was an A student however the loss of her primary caregivers affected her performance at school. Despite all the challenges Tsholofelo went through, her external environment and upbringing, especially the encouragement from her mother has motivated her to excel and the drive to excel has become her motto in life. This shows how a little bit of motivation can go far in one's life and make one to never give up. This is one of the lessons that Tsholofelo Moche the social worker has learned and would like to impart in emerging social workers.

Although losing her parents, Tsholofelo never lost a home where she and her sister could belong to and felt a part of. Ms Moche had lived with her extended family, she was fortunate to have a caring family and environment that could develop her personality and values as a person and professional.

Living with extended family members, ten people in one house at some point had taught her how to accept the space, circumstances that one finds themselves in. Living with different people made her aware that we as people are different characters; this has in some ways prepared for her career as a social worker.

One of the many things that matter to her is having a good reputation based on respect, being humble, being non-judgemental, and selflessness. As the saying goes that people might not remember a person's name but it is easier to remember one's good deeds and character. Not only is Tsholofelo respected as an individual, but she and her work ethic has been respected by service users and staff alike at SANCA Soweto.

After matriculating, Tsholofelo studied Basic IT but dropped out due to financial difficulties. Yet again the challenges she faced in this crucial moment of her academic and personal development did not stop her from setting out to make something out of her life.

As life and fate would have it, fortunately a new and different opportunity opened up having her to explore a new path for her career and personal development. After searching for social work bursaries she found what she was looking for. From 2010 until 2013 Tsholofelo studied Social Work at the University of the Free State. She also studied an Employee Assistance Programme back in 2010.

In her final year of social work studies Tsholofelo did her practical’s in a special needs school while looking after her sister, which is testament of her caring spirit.

As her studies came to an end, Ms Moche began looking for growth and new opportunities and then decided to move into Johannesburg, Gauteng with her sister where they lived with their relatives. The themes of warmth, closeness and sincerity played yet again important roles in her life and developing the core values vital as a social worker; one could say that she embodies the principles of Ubuntu.

Tsholofelo was employed by SANCA Soweto in June 2014 where on a few occasions has been in the spotlight. During 2015 and 2016 has been interviewed on television and radio programmes such as Motswako, Checkpoint, SABC News and Lesedi FM which were all highlights in her career so far. This part of her job she has enjoys, loves the most and feels blessed to be put on such public platforms.

However, she cautions up and coming social workers about the pressures and responsibilities of being in the spotlight. Tsholo advises that social workers have to protect clients' stories and identities as confidentiality when one is on public platforms. There is a thin line between exposure and being in the public eye and selflessness. One must remember that one is a brand representative of the organisation and must not abuse the position and the opportunities given

She recounts every moment from living with her extended family members, graduating to moving into Soweto, Johannesburg and finding employment. The low highlights of her life include losing her parents and losing her clients which she has been close to.

SANCA Soweto staff has been honoured and thankful for her presence and impact she has had in the organisation and describe her as a warm, passionate and dedicated staff member. Tsholofelo has established sisterly relationships with her female colleagues. What the staff has learned and observed from her is that she is disciplined and that discipline goes a long way.

Young female staff members have learned and appreciated that Tsholofelo is strong and independent woman and that there is no problem with being a strong and independent woman especially in these challenging times for women. All staff members agree that it has been a pleasure working with Tsholofelo Moche and will

be missed.

Her youthfulness, humility, respect for others and her ability to relate with different people are some of the qualities that will be missed in the organisation.

It is without doubt that many great things are waiting for the young Tsholofelo Moche wherever she may go.

Tsholofelo Moche’s lessons and messages are that everyone must strive for the best in their lives, empower ourselves with information and knowledge, one must always take time and effort to search something new and that can improve oneself.

Tsholofelo stresses the importance for growth. Not only does moving into a new environment and opportunity but for her this is a chance for growth, independence and exploring new environments, new roles and responsibilities and new challenges of which she is thrilled highly anticipating.

Her goals are to now start working in a new environment and explore more. Tsholofelo plans to travel throughout the country, travel in Africa and also travel and work abroad in order to gain experience and accomplish some of her goals internationally. Never forgetting that Tsholo also would like to gain popularity on television and one of her goals she had ever since she was a child was to sing on television and become well known for that (note that she auditioned on Idols SA in 2015 and 2016!).

Without a doubt Ms Tsholofelo Moche has been SANCA Soweto’s own star and wherever she may go, may she continue being a star both professionally and personally.

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