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Medical Team


The outpatient programme will be provided over 12 weeks including weekly individual counselling sessions, weekly group work sessions, and couple/family sessions.


The management with withdrawals can be either managed at a hospital, a community clinic or if funds permit at the service point of SANCA TADS. Medical staff are needed to conduct physical and psychiatric assessments and a doctor is needed for prescribing detoxification medication based on the medical assessment. The doctor or nursing sister can refer to the resources in the community.


The social worker will conduct 1 to 3 individual counselling sessions to conduct an

in-depth psycho-social assessment and develop an Individualized Development Plan (IDP) together. Interventions are based on increasing the person's understanding that addiction is a disease; learning healthy coping mechanisms and life skills and lastly preventing and managing relapses during 4 to 8 sessions. It also involves dealing with specific topics such as loss, grief, trauma, relationships, co-occurring disorders, etc.


These are standardized treatment programmes that TADS make use of:


  1. Change of be changed: This is a module programme that can be used for individual counselling sessions or group work sessions. The topics cover educational sessions to understand that SUD is a disease; develop healthy coping skills and reduce relapses.

  2. TIME Treatment programmes for Outpatient Adolescents and Adults: There are different programmes under the TIME programmes including a manual on how to conduct individual counselling sessions; group work programmes divided into three programmes, substance education, skills development and relapse management for adolescents and adults. There are also two after-care programmes and family support programmes for adolescents and adults.

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