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Group therapy

SANCA defines treatment as “the provision of specialized social, psychological and medical services to service users and to persons affected by substance abuse with a view to addressing the social and health consequences associated therewith”.


SANCA has recognized that to deal most effectively with the highly complex issue of substance use disorder treatment, it is necessary to provide a basket of services. These must take into consideration the target group (for example, dagga users), the stage of dependency, the type of substances used/abused, co-occurring disorders and the unique needs and circumstances of each service user. Such a basket of services should include, but may not be limited to:


  • Community-based treatment

  • Out-patient treatment

  • In-patient treatment for adults

  • In-patient treatment for young people under the age of 18

  • Gender-specific treatment for women and girls

  • Aftercare

  • Family involvement in all phases of treatment

  • Family support groups, and

  • Involvement in self-help groups


SANCA’s structured, integrated treatment programmes incorporate various modalities including group therapy, individual therapy, family and couples therapy, art and music therapy, smoking cessation, occupational therapy and didactic input. The medical / physiological aspects of addiction and related conditions form part of the didactic module of the treatment programme.

SANCA’s treatment programmes comply with the current legislative mandates and policies in South Africa. Both Inpatient and Outpatient treatment programmes are based on the Minimum Norms and Standards as stipulated by the National Department of Social Development to ensure quality service delivery to all clients.


SANCA National has an internal monitoring system to assure quality of service and accreditation of standardization.


Inpatient programmes provide the highest level of treatment care, including detoxification under medical supervision and 24-hour care and support.


Outpatient treatment consists of flexible, part-time programmes that allow service users to attend treatment without missing work or school obligations.



All medical services have been standardised through the SANCA Medical Manual, a detoxification regime for Alcohol, the SAAMS opioid treatment guidelines as well as substitution therapy guidelines.

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