SANCA National's mission statement for 2020:

  • To develop, consolidate and sustain outcome based addiction services in South Africa through active partnerships with governments and other stakeholders

  • To facilitate the development, expansion and sustainability of outcome-based addiction services in Southern Africa through provision of training and consultancy services

  • To influence policy formulation and to lobby and align SANCA with the initiatives towards safer communities

  • To strengthen the corporate image of SANCA through effective marketing of our footprint



To be the most effective organisation in the field of prevention and treatment of chemical dependence in South Africa.



  • Heighten public awareness

  • Enlighten public and private sectors

  • Prevent and reduce chemical substance dependence

  • Provide treatment for dependents and families

  • Advocate restriction of availability

  • Offer specialised training and education programs

  • Undertake and encourage research

  • Mobilise and utilise community resources

  • Empower communities through prevention programs



  • Community Development

  • Prevention & Training

  • Treatment

  • Research

  • Marketing, liaison and fundraising

  • Human Resources 

  • Finance


SANCA Nantional Funding

Our primary sources of funding are

  • The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund

  • The Department of Social Development


Our secondary sources of funding are

  • Trust funds

  • Family donations

  • Bequests

  • Corporate funding

  • Off-shore funding

  • Community chest funding

  • Other government departments