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What Do You Do After Dry January Is Over?

One of the best things about Dry January is the opportunity it provides to concentrate on oneself and one's commitment to abstain from alcohol. However, you may be wondering what to do next when Dry January is over. Here are few things to consider:

Take time to reflect

It's important to reflect on your experience during Dry January and the benefits you gained, regardless of whether you intend to resume drinking when the month is through. Taking this time to think about and plan your future interactions with alcohol is beneficial.

Approach your goals one at a time

When you began Dry January, you probably weren't planning on giving up alcohol for good, but now you may be giving serious consideration to doing so. If you're uncertain, create a new goal of 100 days for example. It might be too overwhelming if you said, “I'm going to quit permanently”.

Treat yourself

Reward yourself adequately for achieving goals – it could be in the form of self-care, pampering, a cake and coffee. Make a big deal of yourself. It takes bravery to confront this.

Make new routines

Creating new habits and adhering to them as if they were glue is helpful. Find and commit to healthy alternatives, such as walking, drawing, reading, etc.

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